PW Service (Mrs Sandra Stokes)

November 15, 2015
Mrs Sandra Stokes (PW President) shares God's Word at our 2015 PW Service
In John 3, Jesus while in conversation with a man uses the phrase "Born Again." In this message we explain what that means, and what implication it has for us…
Jesus cleansing of the Temple allows us to see three things. Firstly: an aspect of His character we easily overlook - His righteous anger. Secondly: what happens in the place…
In this our Harvest thanksgiving service, we reflect on Jesus words to the disciples in John 4:35. He challenges them to see people as He sees them - as those…
Rev Nigel Kane speaks at our evening Harvest Service
Rev Alastair McNeely preaches on the themes of rejoicing and thankfulness.
In this - Jesus first public miracle He changes water to wine. He does it to solve a problem for the wedding guests, but more importantly He does it so…
2000 years ago Jesus called people to follow Him; He still does today. This message shares what those who respond to that invitation can expect, and indeed what expectations Jesus…
If we're a Christian, then we're a witness of Christ. We’re either an effective witness, or an ineffective one. We're either good witnesses or poor witnesses, but either way, we…


September 13, 2015
Michael brings us a message on "Peace" from Philippians 4:1-20

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