Rev Gordon Best preaches God's Word at our morning Harvest Service
Rev Ray McKibben preaches God's Word at our evening harvest service
Today’s passage has all the ingredients of a dramatic testimony. There’s a sordid past life, a dramatic encounter with Christ, and a story of real change. This morning we’re going…
Four friends bring their paralysed friend to Jesus and not only get him healed but forgiven too.
In the passage we read this morning we witness the light shining through the darkness in a man's life. It exposed the lurking evil that was there, and broke its…
Today in the Gospel of Mark we encounter Jesus at the very start of His ministry. We meet Him before He’s ever worked a miracle, (at least any that have…
In this introduction to Mark's gospel we see Jesus portrayed as the Servant King. This book is a fast paced, action account of Christ’s ministry among people.
In this final section of Colossians Paul introduces us to the team he travelled with - amazingly ordinary folk, people saved by grace and committed to sharing an extraordinary gospel.…
This final passage in the Book of Colossians focusses on instructions on prayer, prayer for leaders, and being a witness to the world around us
This sermon is on: "What does being a follower of a supreme and sufficient Saviour mean for the employer, for the employee."

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