Drew Harte

August 11, 2019
Mr Drew Harte preaches God's Word

Rev George McClelland

August 4, 2019
Rev George McClelland preaches God's Word

Micha Lanz

July 28, 2019
Micha Lanz preaches God's Word from the Book of Colossians
Daniel Ballentyne preaches God's Word from the Book of Isaiah
The first eleven verses of this chapter tells us three things: 1) what the position of the Believer is. Because Jesus has been elevated to the highest position, that means the…
To the Colossians Paul presents Christ as sufficient to meet their need - the deepest needs experienced by them. No matter how needy or impoverished they were, Paul tells them…
The Colossians had come under teachers who had tinkered with the gospel of Christ. They sought to minimise Jesus and take from the gospel. And also for us, the world we live…
James Burke shares God's Word from Colossians on the themes of humility, suffering and future glory
To a people who had come under false teaching, Paul sought to bring the truth. To do that he re-states the gospel to them - reminding the Christians at Colosse…
By heeding so called “specialist teaching” from false teachers the Colossian Christians were in danger of veering off course. And that's why when Paul heard about this he prayed. Paul’s prayers reveal…

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